Each Butterfly Kayaks folding kayak is handmade in Japan and can be custom built.

Deck colors and centerlines other than the standard colors are available as standard options.

For color changeover in the middle of the deck cloth or logo mark printing, please inform us of specific examples such as designs on a case-by-case basis.

Special examples include lightweight models using special fabrics, and specially designed adventure kayaks for extreme temperatures down to -50°C.

 Deck color option

Special colors other than standard colors can be selected for +18,000 yen (tax excluded).

 Center line option

A 6 cm wide strip can be welded to the center of the deck to change the color. Different colors can be used on the bow and stern sides. The same color can also be welded to the deck not for design purposes, but for reinforcement. Both standard and special colors are available at the same price of +10,000 yen(tax excluded).

 Deck color switching option

Colors can be changed at weld joints of deck fabric (e.g., at the tip of the bow or next to the cockpit, depending on the model) or in the middle of the deck fabric. No additional charge is required for standard colors when using the welded joints of deck fabrics, and an additional special color charge is required for standard and special colors. If two special colors are used, the special color charge will be 1.5 times the standard color charge. If the changeover is made in the middle of the deck, not at the weld joint, an estimate will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

 Printing option

Logo printing is also possible up to 20 cm wide. We do not print directly on the deck or hull, but rather print on a separate piece of cloth and then weld it on. We will provide an estimate for each case.

 Custom seat ,rudder pedal

Seat seats and rudder pedals have a large element of personal sensation and do not always fit as standard.

If the equipment can be replaced, such as by changing the seat back height or adding treads to the rudder pedals, it can be changed to specifications that suit the customer’s usage or added later.

 Special and adventure specifications

We may develop a new model if the significance of making it is great or the demand is great, even if the model is not currently available, such as a larger combing, a model that can withstand extremely low temperatures for adventure use, a model with a large capacity for long-term expeditions, or a Greenland type model.