light sail 1.0   ¥60,000円(exclude tax)

Butterfly Kayaks’ original sail kit. Simply secure four straps and four snap rings for easy installation. The sail can be extended by simply lifting it up from its stowed position, and with a single rope, it can be easily maneuvered to catch a wide range of winds, from tailwinds to crosswinds. The sail can also be paddled with the sail extended, so it can be used as a paddling aid even in light winds. When combined with a rudder, it is even more effective as both hands are free.

sail area  1.0㎡。

packing size 107x15x15cm weight 1.7㎏


           base:aluminium+FRP plate


            sailcloth:dacron 4oz

When paddling. With mast down.


light sail video

light sail installation video

There is also a rudder set (50,000-55,000 yen) effective for sailing, and a special set of sail and rudder (95,000-100,000 yen).