Where can I buy it?

  • ONLINE order from our quotation page(see below)
  • Our dealers in Japan and other countries (see below)
  • You can also visit our show room and factory in Himeji JAPAN to see the all of our products and the Himeji Castle ,the world heritage and most beautiful and elegant Japan’s castle.

Adding options to the kayak body

  • Some options MUST be ordered before the process of production.
  • “Deck color”,”Custom design deck”,”Additional D ring” and “Large bow hatch” cannot be installed later.
  • Be sure to put your desire on your dream kayak.


  • The total price(kayak plus option and shipping cost)will be calculated according to your quotation request.
  • It will be informed to you by email ,and please confirm it.
  • We accept your credit(via SQUARE),PAYPAL or bank transfer.
  • The payment information will also be informed to you by email.


325 himeji HYOGO 670-0981 JAPAN
E-mail   :   info@bfkayaks.com
TEL   :   +81(0)79-227-3066   Mobile   :  +81(0)90-5124-5974

Dealer in JAPAN

Clear Water Kayaks 260-0835 harbor city soga GLOBO cyuuou-ku 1-34 chiba-shi CHIBA
TEL +81(0)43-497-3951

Biwako Canoe Center

520-024 imakatata 2-14-23 ootsu-shi SHIGA
TEL +81(0)77-574-0901

Island Stream

643-0005 suhara 1434 yuasa-cho arita-gun WAKAYAMA
TEL +81(0)737-63-3221

Paddle Park

739-0426 monomihigashi1-2-9 hatsukaichi-shi HIROSHIMA
TEL +81(0)829-50-4340

Koa outfitters
240-0105 akitani4296-5 yokosuka-shi KANAGAWA  TEL +81(0)46-858-0180 

I&I paddle

657-0817 uenotoori 6-1-9 nada-ku kobe-shi HYOGO

TEL +81(0)90-4761-9509

Dealer overseas